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Unable to alter Stacking Order - Memory Bug?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Peter,

Click  on the header for the Stacking Order column ("#") to sort by Stacking Order.  Then you will be able to drag to reorder them.  The reason you need to sort by stacking order to do it is because Vectorworks has no idea where in the stack to move it if they're not sorted that way.  In your video, the layers are sorted by Opacity which still sorted them in the same order as the stacking so it is a little confusing because of that.

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Thanks ...


Two problems here. One - (Went back and checked this ...) Unable to visually tell that the Organization Dialog is Sorted by the heading Op... (Something that I would never intentionally click on.) (Its that little arrow !) As the Op... is the same for the Layers in this case, (don't use this feature) the Stacking order appears correct.


So... based on this, I could see how the drag & drop function may NOT work as expected, but... Yet, why is one is able to double click a Layer enter a new Stacking Order in the Edit Design Layer dialog box, then hit the return?

The VW Help pop up appears on top, of this Edit Design Layer dialog box then tells you that there are other way to do this, though there is no indication that what you just were able to do, will not work.


Very frustrating.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee



I agree it's confusing and frustrating.  I agree that entering a different Stacking Order in the Edit Layers dialog should work regardless of the sort order in the Organization dialog.

I came across an existing bug report (VB-51233) on this issue and added a comment with a link to this thread to give it a nudge.


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