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Structural Beams and forces

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Hi all!


I received my Vectorworks and Braceworks license yesterday and been working and playing with it ever since.


at the moment I’m working on getting all the house(arena) rigging points(with allowable forces) in a drawing.


our venue is a combination of 3 different rigging decks. All with different heights and different nodes.


our upper deck is a section of pipes going up & downstage in which we can hang or bridle. 

I know the maximum capacity of this deck. And the maximum load the individual section can have. I tried designing this deck using the “structural members” fuction. Changing the type of structure to a chord. But I would like to add a maximum allowable force to these chords. Like when using a “house rigging point” This would allow me to see what the actual load/force on the chord is when doing a Braceworks calculation.


is this possible?


Thanks for the help!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Dylan


At this point in time its not really possible to this using structural members,

This sort of structural calculation is a fairly common request and is on our list of enhancements for Braceworks in the future, but at this time I do not have any idea of a timeline for it.


An existing Braceworks feature that may help is the Load overview dialogue, which you can use to get create load reports for specific parts of your rigging system.


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