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Get Text Properties from Parent PIO

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Hello there,


is it possible to get the the text style from the Parent PIO?


just asking to make my onject more customizable (i.e. switching font and font style)



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You want to attach a Text property on a Marionette Object and then inside the Script ask for the Text Properties attached to the Marionette PIO? I think if a Marionette Object can get some infos from the text menu, it would be possible.

You can handle the Parent PIO, but I do not see, that a Marionette can get some text Infos by the text menu. You could get the class of the Parent PIO and the Text Style of the Class as a workaround maybe. But directly the Text Style I think works not with a Marionette Object Node.

Here An example, if you get the text style of the parent PIO class.

Side Note:
First Time I use concat node, it seems to convert the input list to a string instead of concat the input strings, which is somehow not what I would expect. It converts the List in a string first ...


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Thank you very much!

I was aware of this method.
But what I wanted to achieve was, as you described not (yet?) possible = to change char Properties with the text settings in the "menu bar"

I dont't like the workaround with the styles (in case of copying the object in different files - i know you could genrate the style inside the network...)
But hey just keep it simple - for now i will sty with "Arial" 🙂

@Marissa Farrell@DomC Keep up your continuous quality posting! Cheers!

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