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Hi all,

I am coming from using REVIT where the interface can be a bit more dynamic and let’s steps to achieving certain aspects of the job. 

my question:

Can VW automate a wall opening on an existing wall if I place a new window to be constructed? What’s the best way of achieving this? Does it requires a lot of work? Assume everything is via BIM families/components. 

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Yes. Just insert the window into the wall and it will automatically cut the opening.


Be careful when moving doors/windows (or other objects) in walls. When you get them where you want them the tip of the mouse pointer needs to be in the wall or the object will "pop out" of the wall even though it still looks like it is in the right place. You can tell when this happens by looking in the Object Info Palette. If it says Door instead of Door in Wall (similar for windows) then it has popped out.


One place this is likely to happen is if you are moving a door in Top/Plan and you grab the swing outside of the wall instead of part of the door in the wall.


Welcome. Keep asking questions. You will get lots of answers.  


You should probably go to Account Settings under your user name at the top right of this page and add a signature that includes your operating system and VW version. Maybe even your hardware specifications. That will save a lot of back and forth on getting the information needed to get you the best answers.

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Pat - Thank you very much for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Regarding the opening, does Vectorwork recognizes the new opening under the demo scope or is that another series of steps to show that under the Demolition Scope? Do I have to create another wall with Demo data visualization or is VW capable of generating the area of the wall that needs to be demo as a result of the window/door placement in an Existing wall?

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If you use a window inside a symbol you can add 2d geometry to indicate in plan and elevation the extent of the wall to be demolished including ‘making good’ the opening.


you can add data to the model to denote phasing or use a parameter within the window to denote phasing and use that in data visualisation.

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