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The static system is not supported - Ground Support / Hanging

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Hi all,

New to BW, Appologies if the topic in this form has already been covered.


I have a "The static system is not supported"  error which I am struggling to rectify.


Ground supported at each end with a drop in the centre to counter deflection, the structure is designed to have a pepper scrim gauze stretched over the aperture so virtually no load.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Tyler 12x12 Truss

Tyler 6way Corners (bottom)

Tyler 2way Corners (top)





Screenshot 095115.png

Screenshot 095327.png

Screenshot 095507.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @DanMJ


The main issue here is that Braceworks can't do any form of Ground support calculation, only suspended rigging systems can be calculated.

We are looking at adding ground support calculations to Braceworks but it is still in the research phase of development at this time as it requires a complete rebuild of the Braceworks back end.


Normally you could, in this example, attach extra hoists or deadhangs at the ends of the upper truss line to check that it isn't deflecting to badly, it wouldn't give you any usable data about how the ground support performs, but it would tell you whether you need any extra pickups to support the truss (like you have with the center point). However because Tomcat refuses to give us any of the structural data for their trusses that Braceworks requires, you would only see the forces acting on the truss and not how the truss reacts to those forces (whether it deflects etc...).


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