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Sending trees to surface: Can I use the object base point instead of lowest part of object?

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I've created a series of tree objects that I find look good in 2D, 3D/section, Lumion rendering and IFC export.


However, when I send them to the surface, they automatically land with the lowest part of the model/trunk on the terrain, instead of the object base/origin. This means I have to set the height to -0.5 m afterwards (especially where the terrain is not flat).


Is there any way to change this? I'd like the component base to land on site model, not the root. 

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if the tree is a group or an object, it is indeed the lowest part that is adjusted to the terrain.

On the other hand, if they are symbols, then it is the insertion point that is adjusted to the terrain

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Thank you for your reply!

Not sure if I understand. The trees are categorised as "plants", and if I edit the 3D graphics the object I encounter is a "3D symbol", with the trunk a bit below insertion point. Yet if I send it to terrain it will send the lowest point to terrain, not insertion point.

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