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text objects not recognized by 'link text' tool as text…




I'm lost here. As I now do to start a VW session: restart the machine.


  • Opened a blank file, left all defaults in place.
  • imported PDF file onto it's own layer
  • began to create series of simple rects with one data field element added
  • first oddity: file opened one symbol from the RM and the two elements - one text object (before conversion to link), one rect were greyed out tho appropriate transparency was shown in OIP
  • second oddity: See attached screenshot. I'd been working less than an hour when both those oddities crapped up.
    • in the scrnshot there are two text objects, the second selected one was added after the first in the rect threw the same error 2x, as does the added text.

Really really puts a dent in my work day and I have to say - and I am happy to be the dummy here and be shown my simple errors, please god - but cmon; a rect and a piece a text? Happy to receive input on what to ascribe the delay to my clients…





Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 12.04.07 PM.png

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