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Disappearing geometry bug inside Symbol Edit / Inside Extrude Edit

Elite Exhibits


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@Endre TorkildsenVW2018 is only rated as compatible though Mac OS 10.14 Mohave.  Is your MacBook running Catalina? If so, that is probably the problem.


@MKingsleyIs your signature correct VW2009 and Mac OS 10.6?  If so, those should be compatible, but 10.6 was the last version where VW2009 was considered compatible.


@Elite ExhibitsWhat hardware are you running VW on?  If it is a Powerbook, please try turning off Automatic Graphics switching in the System Preferences.  In OS10.11 it is in the Battery control panel.

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Thanks as always ...

VW / RW up to date



Pre Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2013 with VW/RW Designer 2013

Post Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2021 with VW/RW Designer 2022


More disappearing geometry


      ¿ Possibly something with the MacBook Pro ?


See the attached - If I can make a movie of it, it is not a one shot problem


One clue may be ... when I save and close a drawing that is in a rendered state, those files are more likely to be problematic when re opened for editing.


Suggestions are better than the continued frustrations




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