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Importing MVR to VW issue

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Hi everyone.

 I having an issue and maybe someone here can help me.

When I want to import a mvr file from another program to vw. The measures are not the same, I tried changing the units to be sure that the units in the original drawing are the same that the vw. I tried meter, millimiters, feet, inches everything and when I import the file into vw all the measures are wrong. 

I work with anothers visualization software and also with others designers and programmers and we found mvr it is a great way to exchange files, but for some reason when I import mvr files generated from another programs distances are all wrong, that doesn't happen when I export from vw to mvr. 




PS I m using VW 2020



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What application is the MVR being created in?

Its possible that the program exporting the original MVR is not exporting the format correctly, or that it is using the 1.2 standard, which in theory shouldn't cause a problem but may well do so since you are on 2020.

The support for the GDTF 1.2 was only added in 2022 sp3, as it required us to add support for the GLTf file format, which was a fairly major project by itself.


Otherwise you could try looking in the general scene description xml inside the MVR and check what the coordinates are for some of the objects, they should be in mm to 5 or 6 decimal places

You will need to change the file extension to .zip to do so


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the only MVR import related issue that I am currently aware of is specifically to do with how GLTf deals with texture mapping.

Can you post the file you are having problems with? 

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