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Plant array - apply fill across plant grouping

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My plants in array are behaving weird. Anyone else recognise this behaviour? I'm looking to show the plants as a filled area as they are before I edit the path but the looks suddenly change for some forms and shows all individual plants which is a little to much to my eye. Anyone knows the reason for this and perhaps a workaround? Perhaps @Katarina Ollikainen would know the answer?




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Hi Anders,

I'm really sorry but I missed your tagging. Can you send me the file you have issues with? I have seen something similar once before and would like to research it a bit more. You can send it directly to my email to be sure I don't miss it again🙄

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Hi @Katarina Ollikainen

I've had one case this week where a user's plant objects were not displaying correctly. The pictures used in the image props in the 3D component of the plants were absent / displaying solid grey. The files had been introduced from a previous version of Vectorworks (2021) via the Migration Manager and some plants in those files had lost this data / been corrupted / not been converted properly. I used the 'Batch Convert' facility to convert all the Favourites files again from 2021 into Vectorworks 2023 and all plants that exhibited issues before worked and displayed normally. 


Maybe using the 'Batch Convert' facility will correct any issues with these plants as well. Once converted import the plants into affected documents and choose the option to 'Replace existing resources in the file' to overwrite/update the problem plant resources. 

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