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Reading "Proposed" or "Existing" parameters in Grade-objects with Marionette

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I'm working on a Marionette network where I'm assigning stakes and grades to different classes based on what parameters are chosen for the object.


One of the values I'm trying to include in this network is the one that controls whether the Grade-objects affects the "Existing site model" or the "Proposed site model". For the Stake-object this is no problem, since I can find a field for that in the records. But when it comes to the Grade-object, it doesn't seem to be exposed or controllable through record. I've tried every way I can think of to see if there is anyway for me to read which value is selected (the Marionette network doesn't need to able to change this parameter, just read the data from it) but I haven't found a way. Granted, I'm quite new with Marionette and haven't learned all the ins and outs yet. 


So I thought I would ask here to see if anyone could point me in the right direction if what I'm trying to do is possible at all.


Attached is an image showing the parameter I'm trying to read (the parameter is only applicable when the Object Mode is set to "Use heights from the site model" or "Change site model".


I'll also attach my current network which is switching classes based on the object mode, to give a clear idea of what I'm trying to do.


Appreciate any help I can get!





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4 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:

@Timothy Besada

Could you attach a small example of a file with a site model and these objects? I'm not very familiar with site models, etc., so having something to work off of will help me to take a look.

Hi Marissa,


Here is the file I'm working with where both objects and classes are present.


Thanks for taking a look!


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@Timothy Besada

I asked the engineers and unfortunately was given some bad news where there's no simple way to get whether it's assigned to the existing or proposed site model.

I'm going to try a little more digging to see if I can determine another way, but in the meantime I'm going to put in an enhancement request to get that value exposed to the user.

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