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The practical answer is very similar to how you'd build it. Wrap the full-height wall with another "wall" set to the proper size, height (a stone wainscot, say) and class.

For that stone wainscot, you might model the sill-cap (water table) by drawing a line and then Extruding a profile of the sill-cap Along the Path of the line. If your line follows around a corner, so will the extrusion.

Good luck,

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Just a random thought - would it be possible to create and map an image texture that has stone on the bottom and render or brick on the top?

When this topic came up before there was a post suggesting that the Nurbs Extract Surface tool could be used on walls to create a surface from the walls which would already have the door and window openings in it. By using the Split Tool you can then modify this skin to the height you want. It can also be given a thickness using the Nurbs Shell Solid tool. From what I recall when I tried it it worked pretty well except that it did not include the reveals of openings - these had to be done seoerately.

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Robert, is there away to make a window a cased opening thats invisible? I tried using a 0 line weight but it's still there. This way you could duplicate a wall, turn all the doors into invisible cased openings. Then eliminate all the components except the outer most. Reduce it's height and you have a wainscot with your invisible openings to add to your wall.

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