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Reordering id tags


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I have a problem with the id tags/schedule when one of the windows gets deleted (as requested by a client for example). I'd like the ID tags to reorder themselves so there isn't a missing entry. Robert I think we talked about this at the last SF vworks gathering. Any luck?

-Michael Cobb




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Michael, I was a little "stung" by your last message [smile] so last weekend I set out to see if this functionality could in fact be done in a weekend. The answer is, "not quite", but in a weekend-evening plus half a week day it can. Later today there will be posted to the third-party plugin site a menu command called "Re-sequence Openings..." which will allow resequencing of door or window IDs.

This command will:

-work with VW Architect 12;

-allow you to set a starting number;

-work either on the active layer or all layers;

-remove "gaps" in door or window sequences;

-maintain the existing order of IDs;

-automatically "pad" IDs with leading zeroes for proper sort order.

The functionality will likely show up as a standard feature in future versions of VectorWorks Architect.

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Wow. That sounds awesome. I'm sorry if I stung you. I'm not much of a diplomat. When I was finally able to meet you in person at the Vectorworks meeting in SF and you told me you were going to do it this weeekend I took you at your word and got REALLY excited. It did sound like a lot of work to me. Next time, if the request is gratuitous you can tell me to get lost. I can be pretty heavy with the requests (see other upcoming postings) and I am sure your job has other fish to fry.

Having said this I want you to know how much this change means to me. Any program can come up with new bells and whistles but I think this kind of basic improvement to an existing feature is/willbe what sets Vectorworks apart.

The doors and windows are soooo much better in 12. Thanks!!!!

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