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Renderworks Textures Do Not Show Thumbnails in Resource Browser



Latest version of VW2022, Mac Monterey, MacBook Pro 2019

Title says it all: this apparently long-lived bug is still with us. I cannot see thumbnails in the RB's texture map window. It only shows a sad black to transparent gradient where a thumbnail of the image map should be. Why has this not been fixed? Will it ever be fixed? Is there a way to temporarily fix it?



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Oh well, yet another bug. Thanks for filling me in.

Editing symbols--which is a fundamental operation in Vectorworks--has been in decline for a while. For example, unless you find and edit a symbol from the bloated and tangled Resource Palette, the symbol appears skewed at the angle in which it is placed in the drawing. Double-clicking a symbol still puts you in the edit window, but skewed. This sort of defeats the purpose of having symbols as an easy to edit operation. You can go to Top/Plan and it straightens out, but all other projections go back to the in-place orientation. It was better in VW2013 (which I still use on my 2008 MacPro from time to time). Don't get me started on the texture mapping tools and lighting. Both are going down the wrong road. I hope they right the ship at some point since I like the improved rendering itself.



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