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Hi, After placing a callout text, according to Help, you can right click and get "delete leader line" but it isn't listed. Clicking Delete Leader in the OIP you get the hand with the X hover over the leader line, it changes to red and I click but nothing happens. Bug or am I doing it wrong?

Reason I was trying this is I can't find anything in Help re using the Database to place plain text with the text tool. Can this be done?

Also when you add a leader line to a placed callout, it automatically starts at the intersection and then you mouse it to where you want it pointing to and click but the arrow head is at the automatic starting point which of course is wrong. What controls which end the arrow head should be?

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There always needs to be one leader. You can only delete additional ones that have been added.

You can use the database to place text in a General Note instead if that helps?

Or I guess copy the text from the Notes Manager + paste it into a Text object...?


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Thanks for that, re delete leader line works in 21-SP1 but doesn't work in 21-SP5. Another strange thing is the file I was working on last night in SP5, I did a Save As. When I opened SP5 this morning it wasn't listed in "recent", so had to use "open". This seems wrong.

On same theme, can Vectorworks open the last used file always on startup instead of an the blank "untitled" file?

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On 5/1/2022 at 1:44 AM, Brett Brown said:

can Vectorworks open the last used file always on startup instead of an the blank "untitled" file?

I don't think so. You can certainly choose your own 'default' file to open automatically on startup but not specify that this always be the last used file

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