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Removing "CTP" from connection panels?

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Short answer is no. Longer, yes couple ways is possible each with own caveats. As on earlier thread Nikolay says from text menu use very small font. Second you can tick PIO under Display is tick mark Show text. Third is to in General use some other Name, this will brake automation to get correct connectors because automation needs CTP_ prefix to work. If you add CTP_ prefix back to Name, automation will work again. You can use any name in Name field and that is what is shown on Equipment.

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Thanks for the reply, didn't see that thread. Similar to what I'd like, but I'd like the entire label of "CTP_" to be removed (or at least be able to hide it).


I use CC to generate wire-pull, so all of my circuits have a label like "Sound booth-console" to "Stage-CTP_WP1"

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I think same applies on Schematics side. You can rename Connector Panels to NOT have CTP_ prefix, but then automation to create panel will be broken. This could be used as short term workaround.


I share your idea to be able to hide or remove CTP_ prefix easily. 


Question to Conrad. Could Connector panel be its own device type? Now it basically is "just" device which has its own magical properties to be connector panel. Maybe if Connector panel would be just, Connector panel type of object which has its own properties to become beautiful graphical representation of real life panel? Then we would not need to differentiate it from other devices by its prefix. Just an idea, I don't know how hard it is to implement.

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Well these are certainly things we discuss and think about. The question comes down to us wanting some devices to have additional special behaviours and how to make the device "understand" that. Naming conventions are one way to do this. I certainly have in mind to handle this a different way but I need to be sure we actually solve the problem and don't just move it around.

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