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Nested symbols not exported as instance to Cinema4D (VW2022>C4DR26

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I noticed that VW exports models with symbols at only one level to instances in Cinema4D. Nested symbols are exported from VW but in Cinema4D not converted to instances. Only the top level symbol gets to be a instance and the nested onces are covered to groups.

That's a bit of a problem. Is this true really ? I am jus wondering if this is a bug.


btw, mirrored symbols are also duplicated at export as seperate instances in C4D.


Cheers Francois



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At least it was like this a few years ago.

I mentioned that too.


In a project in the past where "ungrouped" Symbols where a problem

because of File Size, I really reworked all my Symbols in VW to renounce

of any nested Symbols.


Although, if you create them in C4D, you can use nested "Symbols" without


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Tx Zoomer, good to know its not a bug. I wonder if this could be reprorammed by Maxon at relative ease.

I see you use mac and pc for VW and probably C4D. Would you recommend that ?  I am thinking of getting a mac studio for my VW & C4D work with Corona render.

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Since C4D went to Subscription, I stuck with C4D R21.

I think soon my R21 will no more be compatible with current VW versions.


I could not solve that VW to C4D Exchange will no more work on PC, only on Mac.

But my M1 Mini is usually to weak and limited with its 16 GB of shared memory

for my typical projects.


I think for the future I will look more into VW (or Bricscad) Exchange

to Twinmotion or even Blender.

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