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Section-Elevation Line, Reference Marker, & Drawing Labels Odd Behavior; Changing Colors, Font, etc.

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Recently all of the (newly created, not copied in) section-elevation line, reference markers and drawing labels are behaving odd. I've made the tag font on the section-elevation lines black a dozen times and they keep reverting to turquoise (not associated with Class, which is black). All the drawing markers fonts are jumping to 36 from 12. And all the drawing labels keep losing the circle around the drawing number.


I am frequently converting from v2020-to-v2022 and back. Is this the issue? Any fix?

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Switching versions, especially back and forth multiple times is not a recommended workflow.


It does not sound like the issues you are describing are due to version conversion, but it is certainly possible.


Are you running these on different computers? If yes, check that you are using fonts that are actually installed on both machines and that none of the fonts you are using are in the Font Substituion lists.

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