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Marionette - array / mirror / duplicate / rotate?

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I am new to Marionette so still learning. Currently I am trying to create a plinth with parametric data to become part of a set of components that will eventually create a showcase. I have created the plinth with a single foot but I can't work out how to create the other 3 feet in the other plinth corners - ideally the feet would reposition in the same offset position no matter how big the plinth is. Here is a screenshot of the workflow I have so far (which is probably far more complicated than it needs to be). I have managed to duplicate 1 foot opposite the original but it is offset from the original XYZ point which is bringing it in too far. Can anyone help, with the feet and / or tips to simplify the workflow?

Thank you


Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 10.59.19.png

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 11.24.09.png

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Welcome to the Marionette Forum. I think your script looks quite good. My workflow is often to first calculate all necessary points and data. After That I create the Objects. Also I use a lot of custom nodes to save number of nodes (Enhanced Rectangle, Function 2, BBox Enhanced) but this is not necessary per se.
Creating Rectangle to find the corner point is something I would not do generally. Also Mirroring is not necessary, if your feeds are circles or squares. 

To Mirror correctly you need one horizontal and one vertical axis. In your Script there is only one Axis. Also you need to mirror one Feed over a Diagonal Axis and if the shape is not a square, this had to be calculated. Or you Mirror at the Vertical Axis, then you mirror the resulting object along the horizontal axis. The Get Item in the Screenshot, gets the first second duplicate (top left) and mirror again along the vertical axis. 
By the way, mirroring should work like this:


Mirror Example.vwx

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Hi Dom, Thank you for your response.

Perhaps mirroring the feet is not the way to go about creating them? What I am looking to create is a plinth that can be sized to suit any exhibit size. So it could be 1m x 2m or 3m x 1.5m and the position of the feet would move to suit the overall plinth size without having to recalculate the offset each time. Does that make sense?

I thought if I could find the centre of the plinth itself I could mirror (or similar) the original foot around it to the other 3 corners....

Thank you for your help


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