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Spotlight Truss Tool Additions

Jeff Bonny



1. It would be useful to expand the Truss Tool to include the pin ans spigot connection used by Christie Lites and Arcofab. See attached drawing.


2. tt would also be useful very to be able to choose ladder or V bracing for any given side. The ladders on this type of mixed bracing truss are used for climbing access and as lighting points both of which need to be shown on drawings.


3. For the sake of accuracy internal diagonal bracing would be nice to add but that's a lesser concern.


Also is there a way to create specific truss configurations and save them as symbols?


I'm asking for these updates because I regularly use 12" medium duty Arcofab truss from a local rental house that there are no symbols for. It would be nice if Therio Innovations would provide symbols with structural data for the entire Arcofab catalog instead of the minimal pieces they've made available thus far. Last time I spoke to them they would still build anything from that catalog and there is a great deal of it still in use.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

We have reached out to Unisson, Therio, and Arcofab on several occasions and even spoken to them at trade shows and have received no response to add their products into Vectorworks other than the currently limited selection from Therio. As we have mentioned to other users who are requesting other manufacturers it may take the users of their product(s) pressuring them directly to talk to Vectorworks in order to get the process moving as opposed to just us trying to connect with them. If a manufacturer sees that there is a need from their users to be in Vectorworks it might help to push them to respond to our emails or even reach out directly.

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