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Best way to draw a 3d Polyline in multiple axis for piping or cabling?

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I feel like this is an issue Ive solved before but having a tuff time recalling how. I want to draw a 3d Polyline In multple axis on one action. Click draw in Z axis than Y axis and x axis all in the same action without switching views. I would need to do this in an iso view obviously but everything seems to stick to only one plane?


Im trying to create a path for cabling that runs in all 3 axis.

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first, you need to distinguish between Screen Plane and Layer/Workingplane.

If Screen plane is active, the 3d Polyline will be always parallel to the screen.

second, you need to snap the corners to 3D points in space. (for example 3D loci) If there is no snapping point in space, the 3D Polygon tool will stay on one plane.




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If you need curved segments or radius corners, you could draw individual portions of the piping as planar polylines on different planes, strategically connecting certain points. Then once it's all drawn, convert them all to NURBS; then compose these NURBS Curves into a single Curve. This could then be used as a path for an EAP.

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