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Vectorworks App wont sign in

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I have a student account for vectorworks. I am able to sign into my vectorworks student account on a web browser using my email address and a password, however I am not able to sign into vectorworks on the desktop app.  When I try to sign into the app, I am prompted to sign in with a username, but I cant seem to figure out what this would be. I tried to sign in using my email instead, but it didn't work either.


This means that I can't export any documents in any format. I have just been printing to PDF until now, but this doesn't allow me to get the best quality drawing. I'm assuming this is because my vectorworks app isnt signed in? Does anyone know how to resolve this please? 🙂

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Hi Alina, 


Even though this reply is super late, I'll comment anyway for the benefit of others. 


At the time of writing, the Student Portal is a seperate account system. In order to 'Sign In' inside the Vectorworks application you must first have a Vectorworks Account. They're free and can be created here: https://sso.vectorworks.net/accounts/login/?next=https://serviceselect.vectorworks.net


On 4/22/2022 at 6:26 AM, Alina H said:

This means that I can't export any documents in any format.


Signing in inside Vectorworks has no bearing on whether you can Export or Publish to PDF. As to why you can't export to PDF, that is mostly likely because you're in the Fundamentals workspace, instead of one of the 'Design' workspaces, like 'Architect,' or 'Landmark.' Go: Tools > Workspaces > [and select one of these].


If you're in a design workspace be more specific about what's not working. 

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