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VectorBench: a Vectorworks benchmarking tool



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This would be a great tool for determining appropriate hardware selection.  I think an understanding of how Vectorworks performs certain workflows and where bottle necks are would also be helpful.


Example… I have performed identical site model updates on identical files using my 2015 MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz w/16 GB ram and a 2017 IMac 4.2 GHz with 64 GB Ram.  I’m no IT pro, but both of these computers are i7 based and I would expect the iMac to be slightly faster based on the faster processor.  However, in practice my MacBook Pro finishes the task in the same time.


 It’s like Vectorworks just slowly churns along on the task, never maxing the memory, and perhaps under utilizing a single core to get the work done.  I’ve done similar comparisons with a 2020 iMac that was maxed out, and had marginal improvements to certain workflows, but not site model updates.  

It’s really hard for me to open my wallet for new tech if the critical workflows are not accelerated by such investment, especially if site models are only using one core and click speeds not increasing appreciably.  Makes one contemplate staying on 2021 and avoiding adopting all the new workflows until Apple and vectorworks leverage the full potential of recent hardware innovations, like the 2020 improvements to the VGM.

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I've been benchmarkling a bunch of M1/Max/Pro Macs recently. I used among others this file with some scripts.

Render Speed Test.vwx

The file contains 3 scripts:

Render Speed Test py: Renders every layer. To really compare different computers, this is not ideal since the screen size will have an impact on the render time.

Render Speed TestViewports: Renders all viewports on a sheet layer.

Reset Viewports: You need this script to reset the viewports before running the Viewports test. Otherwise they won't render since the viewports are up to date 🙂

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the time factor is crucial.


There are importan mac youtuber in Italy who in the absence of other software ready for apple silicon show Revit Benmchmark emulated on windows. The opportunity should be developed soon. The thing is simple to reproduce: it would be enough to duplicate objects on many design layers. Ore something needs high CPU/GPU processes But I recommend: do not put any structural elements, which could be a bad boomerang


I wouldn't just focus on rendering. I wouldn't call it an exclusive field.


thank you

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Thanks for sharing the Render Speed Tests. These are really useful.

It would be great if Vectorworks could develop these with a nice simple User interface and package it as a type of "VectorBench" up like Cinebench so it could be used as a cross platform way of testing new hardware. I think it would be a great way to get free marketing for Vectorworks in the AEC community, and also help people understand the benefit in upgrading software and hardware properly.


Here's my results on a MacBook M1 Pro with 16GB RAM if anyone is interested.




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