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Custom Worksheets - entering formulas for columns

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Hi VW peeps


at the risk of asking a really dumb question - how do you insert a formula to do simple math operations within each row?

I have tried everything.


easy sample here: footings and piers:  (I have a monster worksheet that I can't bear to think about if I have to enter the operations in every cell manually - I did create that using spaces, but that's another question - how to add a similar math operation on that?).


**should I export the worksheet to excel and do the calculations there?


The numeric values here are just entered manually.

I need to multiply col. B x C =D.

then need to multiply D x 2.4kPa to get E

then another multiple for F, and a conversion multiplier to imperial for G....for the jobsite.


this should be simple, but many hours later.....I did try VW help, this forum, many worksheet tutorial videos... learned lots, but didn't find anything on this specifically.


I'll sign off as anonymous lol.

thank you!



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To put the product of the B column X the C column into the D column:


Click on a cell in the D column.

type the equal sign

click on the cell in the B column in the same row

type the asterisk symbol for multiplication (Shift-8)

click on the cell in the C column in the same row



You should now see the correct value in the cell in the D column.

Click on that cell again.  Copy.  (Control-C on windows, Command-C on Mac)

Click (and drag if necessary) to highlight the other cells you would like to have the same operation.  Paste.  (Control-V/Command-V)

The worksheet cells that are pasted into will have the same operation RELATIVE to each cell.


For the E column:

click on a cell in the E column.

type the equal sign

click on the D cell in the same row

type the asterisk symbol for multiplication (Shift-8)

type 2.4



Post back if it still isn't working for you 🙂 



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Thanks Michaelk!!


it's just like excel, which I also didn't know how to use til today.

but I did learn how to export/import back, but it lost the modifier equations in the import back.


it worked like a charm on another worksheet though. yay.


next question: is there a way to do a similar thing to this worksheet which uses space data - I need to convert area to sq.m. plus do other similar calculations as the first one, but my document is in imperial. (unfortunately)!


I tried adding the modifier (divide AREA by 10.764) as an extension to cell 2C, shown here, changed cell format to decimal, with 2 decimal places, but this is the result.

hope this one is as simple to fix.





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That is confusing :-).


The problem is that ='Space'.'11_Area' doesn't return a number.  It returns text.  (That looks an awful lot like a number.  But it's been formatted to be human readable with the units after the number.)


Try =Area   or  ='Space'.'Gross Area'   or    ='Space'.'EnergyArea'. --depending on how you have the space object set up to deal with gross and net areas.


The worksheet is reporting dimensions and areas based on the document units setting.  If it's easier you could go to File > Document Settings > Units… and change the units to whatever you need.

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