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Navigation and Object Info Pallettes Not Remaining On

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I wrote about this topic recently, but can't find the thread. Every time I turn off VW the pallettes I have turned on in Navigation and Object Info turn off. I created a new workspace from scratch just to address this, and after a few sessions it began doing this again.

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Before I again remove the program and re-install, I'm wondering if a VWX tech has any input on this issue... still happening every time I close the program? And yes, I'm selecting Save Pallette Positions and Save Workspace repeatedly.

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It sounds like it may be corruption in your user folder or in the application preferences.  What operating system and VW version are you running?


Have you gone to Vectorworks Preferences and clicked the Reset button at the bottom left? If you have then I would try removing the preference plist file manually and restarting VW. You will have to reenter your serial number if you do that.


Or do a full uninstall prior to reinstalling.


It kind of sounds like VW is being unable to save the preferences properly when you quit.  Save Palette Positions really only does anything if VW happens to crash. If you exit normally, the palette positions are resaved based on what was active when you quit.

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