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Soft Goods crashes in Vectorworks 2022



Is anyone else having an issue when using Soft Goods? Either from the tool set or when 'converting object to soft goods'? After a few adjustments, Vectorworks 2022 freezes and I have to force quit.


Also, another little bug I'm having is when I first open 2022, the menu bar isn't there. I have to close and reopen to make it appear.


Just curious if anyone else is having these bugs?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Are you using a style?
What's the length of the soft goods object are you trying to draw?

Have you changed any of the default settings?

Usually the issue is with a very long soft goods object or a pleat with that is too small.
If the pleat width is set too small it ends taking a long time to draw because of the number of vertices that are being drawn.

There were a few default styles that were shipped with a very small pleat width rather than using the Simple 3D option that have caused issues fro some users.

You can try using the Simple 2D and Simple 3D options to make sure there are no other issues and then check and adjust the pleat width and depth to see if that resolves your issue.

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