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Line Lights not shining as bright as they should



In the picture below, I have a series of three Line Lights in between those inset forms. The renderworks texture on the facing is a black porcelain for the reflection aspect and the counter part is a WHITE marble. Because the light isn't giving me anything to work with it just desaturates everything. I currently have the line lights set to 100 brightness at 1650 lumens, and I've checked to make sure all of the line isn't covered by an object already. So I'm super confused. Help?

Bar Samples.jpg

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If VW knows line lights don't work and haven't worked in at least five years, why are they still included in VectorWorks? Saying that they are not "getting any love anytime soon" is the worst kind of business attitude I've ever experienced. That is essentially saying that the people who work on VW don't care if it works or if it doesn't. Look, it is like this: if it is included in the application it must work. We users pay a fortune for this software and it paints itself has a professional level piece of software. This kind of cavelier attitude shows this to be a sham. Either fix it or apologize for the years of deception and pull it out. What arrogance. What other failing "features" are VW's staff ignoring?



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