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Screw drive options VW2021 Architect

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Trying to insert a sheet metal screw, I'm given three drive types. Regular slot, cross slot and square slot. I want to show a pin-in torx. Anyone know if there is a way to do that without manually detailing the head which strips the object/shape options (front, top, etc.).



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Can you use just regular 3D-model? https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/tapping-wood-and-drywall-screws/tamper-resistant-torx-rounded-head-screws-for-sheet-metal/ When you click product line so that it expands you get drop down where you can choose format to download. IGES or STEP works well. If you make Symbol from model then you can count project supplies on worksheets for example. And you can maybe attach record with information that you need with this screw. Mc Master-Carr has you covered with hardware.

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At some point if the developer is serious about providing BIM strategies they are going to have to improve the tool produced items to present modern products. Otherwise there will be no possibilities of comprehensive BIM driven specifications produced from the document set. Unless you are the Sears mail order house reproductions guy, no fancy fasteners and plastic in them, hehehe. While there are some good script developers who could adapt existing code, VW tool code is not open source script. Starting pro bono improvements from scratch is a time consuming downer when the result is seeming insignificant in the overall scheme.



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