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Converting away from Screen Plane - is there a good and reliable way to do this?



We're having a ton of trouble with symbols being on Screen Plane in VW22 (SP3) becoming grayed or screwing up the hatch scaling and I suspect it has to do with the "elimination" of Screen Plane in this version of VW.   Is there a global way to change ALL screen plane objects to layer plane?   

Also, what is going on with the hatch scaling?  The image below has an insulated slab -- it is the same symbol, inserted two times in the viewport, with two different results.  Also, zooming in and out will make the grayed objects appear fine and then disappear.  

I've rebooted less than an hour ago, on a robust iMac. 


Images below are from two different Sheet Layers, same project, same symbols, totally different results.  


Any guidance (or general agreement with my plight) is appreciated.










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Hey @SNOJNKY, there's a number of aspects that could be involved with this result. Both because of the number of variables and because you've not had any replies yet, I suggest you contact Vectorworks Tech Support for your region. 


To convert screen objects, I would use either the 'Select Similar Tool' or the 'Custom Selection' menu command to select them all, then use the OIP to change their layer plane. Symbols made with objects on the screen plane will require individual correction. 

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