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Floating view pane not able to move to 2nd monitor in 2022

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I often work with a floating view pane open so that I can see both a 3D and plan view at the same time - I've always placed my 'floating view pane' on my 2nd monitor but since I upgraded to 2022 it won't let me do that - it either just disappears or jumps back to the original monitor... Anyone got a work around? I'm on a Mac powerbook running 10.15.7


Thank you!

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Hi Pat, I don't know how to change my signature but I am on OS 10.15.7 - I figured out how to change it...

As further info. I work on 2 computers - both on the same OS, on my IMAC desktop the window just deletes itself when I try to move it to the 2nd monitor, on my macbook it jumps back to the main monitor but doesn't delete.



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I have no idea then.  I just tried it on my machine and it worked on the second monitor just fine. Actually on the built in monitor on my MacBook as I was running VW on the external monitor.


Check your system preferences for the two machines, especially the Mission Control settings and make sure they are the same on both machines. Check especially the Displays have separate Spaces  setting and the Switch to a Space with open windows for the application settings. Something in the back of my brain is telling me it might have to do with Spaces.

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