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Ability to save/load preferences like we do workspaces.


Include a drop down under tools/options/vectorwork preferences with a list of saved preferences similar to the saved workspaces dropdown.

It seems that "vectorworks preferences' are a pretty common customization point and should be treated equally to workspaces.


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because I said I wasn't complaining about crashes... and then proceeded to complain. Honestly, I just think this would make sense.
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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Bruce,

You may be able to store your preferences, or multiple sets of preferences as VectorScript scripts that you can run from a menu command in order to load saved preferences after a crash. (obligatory recommendation to re-install Vectorworks if Vectorworks crashes frequently) To save a preference set, open Vectorworks to a blank file and manually set your prefs, for a particular type of project, or you could also just open an existing file that uses the desired prefSet. Then, export the file with the File->Export Script command, to a folder that you can get back to on your machine. 


The file that you created has all of the geometry that was in the file in addition to the prefs settings. So, navigate to the Vectorscript text file that you just created, and open it with a text editor. You will see the script that begins with {Global Characteristics} with the specific prefSet that is saved with the file, as shown below:


{Global Characteristics}

SetUnits(0,2,0,0.0254,'m',' sq m');

COPY ALL the statements down to...


{End of Global Characteristics}


Select and Copy this text, including the line that says {End of Global Characteristics} and paste it into a new blank text file document and save it to a convenient folder on your hard drive. 


Then, when you want to load back your prefs, to the desired Vectorworks document file, just open the desired file, use the Tools->Plug-ins->Run Script command to navigate to the desired script file, and the prefs will be loaded. You can do this for any prefSet variations that you require. Not quite one button preferences, but more versatile because you can have multiple prefSets. 


Let me know if you have any questions or if these instructions could be clearer...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@hollister design Studio Just FYI your vectorworks settings are backed up in your user folder. I switch between machines so having a shared user folder means that even when opening a new install I have all of my prefs/settings everything as I like them.

I think saved settings is also a good enhancement request.


best wishes


Tom W

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