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PEMB (Pre-Engineered Metal Building) Bent

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I think this object is between 2-40 hours to create. So I post without taking the order.
It depends on which level of Detail you really need (Material Thickness , drillings for screws etc.) I can give you or somebody else a start-assist and a possible workflow. A sketch, what pitch, height, span, base size exactly means were nice because it is a big part of the work to specificate exactly which values should be variable. It is about the work of 3 hours (but always the first 60% from something are done very fast. It would be enough if you do not need any screws and if the material thickness on all edges would be the same and if you need just the hull of the material not the single parts and how they exactly cutted in raw form (miter etc)).

Once more I ask myself, how it is possible to create exact Elements by using the non-metric-unit-system (just a gloss a place whenever I have the chance :-)  





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