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Fill color 'by class' showing as a color that isn't the assigned classes fill color.


I seem to have a misunderstanding of Fill attributes.



Here are two objects (a circle and a worksheet) on my 00-Note class which has a line color of black and a fill color of white.

They are set to Fill 'by class' and fill color 'by class'. They show as expected with a black line and a white fill:






If I turn the Fill attribute to 'Solid' - but keep the Fill color set as 'by class' they turn magenta:





Here are my 00-NOTE class settings:




This magenta fill color seems to happen now and then, and I can't always figure out why or how to fix it.

Looking over the Organization menu I do not have any classes with the fill color set to magenta.

I do have three classes with the line color set to magenta.


Any thoughts?

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It looks like a bug;

with nothing selected, change the default fill to a solid colour

create a new class, you'll see the solid colour defaults to the fill of the new class

tick use at creation

change fill style to none

click OK

draw a rectangle, change it's class to the the new class you created, and as expected, the fill will be none

in the attribute pallet, change the fill style to solid, and it will change to the colour you set as default  - this is to be expected.

Bug one - the OIP will show the fill colour as "by class" (ie the arrow in the colour box), yet you have not set a fill colour by class. Not a big deal really.

Bug two - with nothing selected, change the fill colour default to something else.

now set your rectangle to "make all attributes by class" (the 3 lines beside the question mark on the OIP).

now change the fill style to solid, and it won't chose the new default colour, rather the previous colour you selected in step 1.

You can open the Organization pallet and change the fill to solid, select a new colour, then change the fill back to none, exit the pallet and your items on that class will change to the newest colour, even though use at creation is on, and fill style is set to none.


You might wonder how I've had the time to answer this question, and it is because I'm waiting for that dog software Revit to print a set of drawings to PDF.







Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 11.52.31 AM.jpg

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