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Doors and windows, it can't go on like this !



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I still have no idea why they've not been majorly prioritised. As I understand it low level changes were needed to wall objects before they could get on with modernising door/window objects. But—and perhaps somebody can correct me if I'm wrong—Wall Closures largely represent that modernisation and yet the only door/window enhancements on the horizon are:

1. Interactive editing (i.e. resize with handles)

2. Multiple-leaf folding doors/windows


Interactive editing will be great, and is one of my wishes, but there are other bread and butter things I would have put ahead of this feature, such as additional window sash types and window panel types+ fixing sills + fixing door gaps:


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On 3/26/2022 at 10:40 AM, GatRed said:

Hello, I'm sorry for what I'm about to write but it's quite unbearable to see how nothing is changing on the side of doors and windows tools despite the many comments made on this forum and to distributors (design express in my case).
I really do not understand.

Doors and windows are important elements in architecture and they are also industrialized elements. Because of their variable dimensions, parametric tools are necessary to avoid modeling them one by one.
Why is Vectorworks failing to make this tool?


I note that many distributors have created their specific tool and I have tested the following:
American, (former) French, German/Italian, Belgian/French/Dutch, Australian.
NONE allows to have both a correct use and a correct representation in advanced phase of study.
By arguing local specificities, energy was spent for nothing by developing several tools when only one would suffice.
Having worked in Great Britain, Germany and France, no local specificity justifies different tools.

Please stop this.


Would it be possible to concentrate development efforts on a single tool to have a tool that works?

From my point of view, but it is debatable, the express design tool (belgium, france) is the most advanced in terms of options and representation, but it is unusable because badly programmed (long time to draw each element ) and because it doesn't have a style option.
The American tool behaves well, but it does not offer enough representation and drawing options.


Vectorworks, for architects who design spaces and need windows to bring light into their buildings, when are you going to seriously upgrade these tools?




Hello. Believe me I can really understand you. I'm designing 13-story buildings with details down to the millimeter and everything has to match exactly what's going to happen in reality. I'm not telling you about the fact that I will probably be locked up in some strange hospital at the end of this job, but for the windows the only way I could go was this. I work with the Italian version. But I also spent several days figuring out which window to use. The Germans (from which the Italians derive) do important things, the USA other things. All together there is not. It's okay to get angry. But then you can understand that either you expect the tool that does everything to arrive, or you try to make a difference by trying to understand how to adapt the tools to your goal. From here a few weeks later, thanks to the German window, to many autohybrid objects, and to a lot of patience I was able to confirm that if they had ordered those windows they could throw them in the garbage because they simply did not fit in that building. Remember that the whole set can be saved as a symbol. Self-hybrid and parametric objects together. A symbol as sure as you know can go into the wall. I had prepared the base in 2021. Then in 2022 at the beginning there was a panic because for a period the holes of the old symbols did not work. Then they solved it luckily, because without the support for M1 and then M1max I don't know how I would have done it. So, in my opinion, you are right to get angry. But get angry to ask for improvements but study a method to get to the end anyway. I think it makes the difference between a user who knows how to use software and a user who takes that software, bangs it on the wall, and beats it until he does what he wants, exactly how he wants it. To do this, being angry can be helpful.

Don't give up. Using Vectorworks need passion.

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@Matt Panzer

Thank you for your feedback. I’m happy to see that I’m heard.

More than new features of the US Door and Windows tool, I was talking about the multiplicity of windows tools we have, (in the french version, we have 3 available. People get confused).

As you mentioned, new features takes time of development. So, having everybody on only 1 tool would be more efficient, and your clients would be happier 😉.


To be sure there is no misunderstanding, I’m not angry at all. I do use the cad software that suite the most to me, and that’s definitely Vectorworks, because with passion and time you manage to do design what ever you want. But sometimes, it feels like time could be saved for users with enhancements of the software, and moreover, there could be more efficiency on time spent on development.



It is just that I don’t understand those different windows tools developments which depend on the country you are set, more over if you work on projects abroad… It makes no sens…

As Vectorworks team used to listen to the users, I’m sure there are good plans to enhance user’s experience on this topic, and I can’t wait to hear about them !

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11 hours ago, GatRed said:

I was talking about the multiplicity of windows tools we have, (in the french version, we have 3 available. People get confused).



that is what I was asking for since many years.

While I understand that different regions have different needs,

it still looks very inefficient if all parties doing the same job again.


The Benelux Window PIO version was far ahead. The German Windows

where far more useful .... but none was perfect or without issues or

limitations though.

But against the limited raw US Tools they were far more interesting.


So I am pretty happy to have at least access to the (unfortunately deprecated)

Oceanian WinDoor Tools - for now.

Another great progress was of course the VW 2022 Wall's feature improvements !

(True Solids, Window Cutout Control by Wall Components)

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Posted (edited)

I’m a french architect, and I work on an Australian project.

I get Vectorworks files of the existing (lucky part), but all the widows are WinDoor objects (unlucky part).

Fortunately, WinDoor objects are now accessible within an french distribution of Vectorworks (lucky part),

but the tool is sooooo different from the US one (and from the french one, and from the belenux one), that it is really a mess to use them.


One year after the creation of this topic, my opinion about those multiple windows and doors tools did not change, unfortunately as the way Vectorworks inc. and their distributors deals with it.

The windows and doors are really the biggest annoying point using Vectorworks as architect today.

What kind of roadmap does exist for this (those) tool(s) ?

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24 minutes ago, GatRed said:

What kind of roadmap does exist for this (those) tool(s) ?


Scheduled for inclusion:


Shim gap improvements



Built in handing



Materials for windows/doors



And under active research:


Sill improvements:



Still falling well short of what I would like to see being worked on but it's better than being fully neglected, which is what happened for many years to my bafflement.

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Thanks @Christiaanfor all the time you took for several (too much) years on this topic.

by the way there were things that we needed in the US window’s tool I suggested last year to add in your thread :

- level of insertion following story’s levels

- 6 panels sliding windows (or more)

- possibility to set different class / attributes for viewed jamb and sectioned jamb

- possibility to set a Rabbet X/Y for doors and windows (including sliding windows)

- if I let me dreaming : custom jamb and sash profiles…


I think, it is just a matter a priority of what should be involved first.

Here in France, Vectorworks is really not a common tools for architects.

The windows and doors tool(s) is the only thing that I can’t explain why it is such a mess (different tools, different possibility depending of which tool is used).

From my experience, it is the first reason why architects are not exited about using Vectorworks instead of ArchiCAD for BIM / 3D drawing.


I hope Vectorworks Inc. set windows and doors tools improvements to the highest priority in development, for us, existing users, and for them, to get new users.

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