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add a person for scale in spotlight 2022?

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If only for scale, the fastest method is simply extruding a 1'x2' oval to 6' +/- a bit.

Otherwise, Pat mentions Image props. Search the resource manager for "people" and use the resulting image props found.


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Another option is getting a silhouette online and import the image. Enact the trace bitmap tool, clean up the resulting geometry. Add a fill and then extrude by an 1” or so. Don’t forget to rotate them upright and set their feet at Z=0. The advantage is it will show up correctly regardless of rendering type. 

bonus points by assigning the piece of extrusion to a class and set their fill color and texture by class. You can add some text or 2D geometry in plan view and then turn all that into a hybrid symbol. Now you can change the appearance of all your little silhouette people in one step by changing the class texture/color. Want them to be semi transparent? No problem. Want them to be blue?  Easy. Want them to glow?  Why not.  Want them to appear to be on fire?  Ok, but why?  

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