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Fixed Wall Height

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I want to have styled walls of a fixed height (300mm) below the top of the wall and to be able to move the top of the wall using the reshape tool so that the top slopes but the base remains 300mm below the top.  It's possible to set offsets in the components of the wall but I can't find a way to fix the height like this. Does anyone know how to do this?  


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I thought that would be no problem.

I often have components set with an offset to wall height that extend

or are shorter than my core component.

OK, my core component is usually at wall top and bottom.


Maybe it will not work with Reshape Tool for some reasons...

> is changing wall height numerically in OIP an option ?

(I am used to do so for my special walls deviating from style)




4 hours ago, Laura Stone said:

so that the top slopes


Argh, this is the culprit ....

never tried that.

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if I got you right, you don't have any components with an offset to

each other, you just want to snap somewhere, but have your overall

Wall height 300 mm below your snapping points ?


In that case you could set the wall style by using wall height only.

Modify the wall top height by adjusting the handles or inserting more

more handles if you need more wall top peaks.

Snap all handles to your desired base .... workaround .... and finally

move all handles numerically by 300 mm Z down manually.


No ?

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