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Attached records not displaying in Data Pane in Resource Manager

Nathan Davies


Hi All


Our company uses Vectorworks for kitchen and cabinet design. We use Interiorcad within this.

I'm trying to setup Vectorworks to produce everything we need from pricing all the way through to production.


As such I am trying to setup an appliance database, accessing relevant appliance symbols through the resource manager, which have record formats attached with relevant information i.e. model no. main specs, price etc. Idea being to add this into our pricing and other relevant documents.

I have setup an excel file as an odbc data source, so that prices etc can be updated. 


When attaching the record directly to the symbol it will show up in a report produced, so it's attached fine, however.. details don't show up in the data pane in the resource manager.

If I edit the symbol, deselect everything, and then attach a record, the reverse happens, the field titles will show up in the data pane in the resource manager, but I am unable to select Object Database Connection to link the record to one of the database entries.

The idea is that the designer should be able to go into the resource manager, and at a glance see the relevant fields of each model to choose the appliance.


Bonus question - One of the reports i want to produce is a list of the appliances for the fitters / workshop. Ideally I'd like to have QR codes for each appliance which can be scanned and open up the relevant fitting manual. Producing the QR code is not an issue, adding it to the excel database isn't the issue, but getting vectorworks to reproduce it on a worksheet is where I'm getting stuck, i.e. linking it to the database image, rather than automatically using the symbol image. 


Thanks in advance


Nathan Davies



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