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VW 2022 SP3 Update Freezing (mac)



I have submitted this to Service Select support and haven't received a response or even an acknowledgement that it was received, so let's see how the message board does:


VW updater freezes at 5% (see screenshot).  If I cancel and retry from VW->Check for Updates, it beach balls.  If I then try to open the VW 2022 Updater app directly, I get a spinning arrow.  In order to try again (in VW or VW Updater) I have to restart the Mac (quitting VW does not work).


I have also tried the VW Updater advanced options (e.g. repair, targeted 2.1->3 download) but they freeze and/or don't continue.


Any ideas?  If the option is to completely uninstall & reinstall VW, I'll probably just stick with SP2.1 going forward.


VW Architect 2022 SP2.1 + macOS 12.3 (Intel iMac) 





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13 minutes ago, zoomer said:

I started the Updater manually from the Program

Folders, without any VW open.

Thanks.  I've tried that a few times.  At first I thought it was the VW server overloading form the number of users trying to download at the same time.  At this point, I'm pretty sure it's something on my machine, but I don't know where to look.

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