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VW 2022 SP3 Site Model Issues Persist



I just upgraded to SP3 this morning, praying my issues with work halting site model adjustments would be a thing of the past. They seem to be ever so slightly improved, but they are still crippling my work flow. For example, I tried to lay out a grade limiter and as I placed each point, the program froze, consuming in the process over 20gb of my 32gb of ram. 


What gives? It feels like VW used to be far more lean and powerful (I never had major issues in VW2015 on an older MB Pro), and now is clogged, inefficient, and sadly too slow to be very useful for 3d landscapes. There is no reason my robust machine should struggle this much to do relatively simplistic tasks. 


Will there be any effort to make these processes more efficient? Look to something like QGIS that can run highly intricate calculations and processes across vast areas using much less system resources and much faster. 

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These struggles are why I try to stay behind 1 release for as long as possible. I figured 2022 and the new Mac chips might throw a bit of chaos into the mix.  Add that to long standing unresolved issues, I have a hard time rationalizing why I essentially pay to be a beta tester rather than a customer.  It’s bad enough trying to be leading edge on the 3D BIM front, broken software just makes it a far more bitter pill to swallow.  I think I have seen more than a few posts here saying memory leak problems might be a Mac oS problem, but do not know if there is any validity to that.  Anyhow, you are not alone in your frustrations 🙂

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i'm getting lags changing door label text size and memory drain as a result. Running windows 11 on a 16 core i9 w/ 64gb ram  w/ a wx 7100 amd radeon card - this should not be happening that I have to kill and restart the program to keep working....

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