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Line thickness value 2 decimals max?



Hello, if I want the line thickness value set to 0,025mm in VW2022 SP3 (actually: in any version...) it jumps back to 0,03mm.

I need that specific line weight in order to be able to send output to our laser cutting machines. 

Any thoughts on finding the right setting to have more than 2 decimals in line thickness?


Spoiler, it's not in:

  • Attributes Palette > Pen > Set Thickness (only rounding to 2 decimals)
  • Document Settings > Document Preferences > Dimensions (i can only change thickness for the slash),
  • Document Settings > Units (that for dims, not thickness),
  • Tools > Options > Preferred Line Thickness (only rouding to 2 decimals)
  • Tools > Organization > Classes > Edit > Graphic Attributes > Pen Thickness


And I do not want to use Illustrator for it (as is our regular workflow for now).

The less applications our students need to master, the better it is for their creative energy... 😉


Hope you can help me out here!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Unfortunately, this is a current system limitation and the line thickness requires a range between 0.03 and 6.48mm.  I can definitely submit an enhancement request for future consideration.  Making changes in this area may have larger ramifications and not as simple as adjusting the values.  Careful considerations will have to be made.

Curious, for what type of lasers are you creating output?  The laser/software specifically requires .025mm line thickness?  What kind of file are you exporting? 

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