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landscape area - containing plants IFC export


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I have some landscape area tools with plants attached/containing:

problem #1:

the plants (3D objects) are only visible when the active layer ist the one containing the landscape area

problem #2:
only the landscape area exports to my ifc file, the plants are missing. (note: got the plant tool (any everything else i use) mapped to my preferences - so a missing ifc assignment is not the problem)

an unacceptable workaround would to "explode/convert to group" because I export my files on a regular basis and don't want to redo it before every export.

any solution, anyone?




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On 3/14/2022 at 7:44 PM, Heblon said:

it seems that the landscape area needs a "secundary" ifcEntity... I just had ifcSlope mapped primarily.

But the #2 "problem" persits.


EDIT: Solved by v2022 Service Pack 3

Hi Heblon,


Does the 3D component of plants have to be real geometry? Or does IFC export work for image prop as well?


I failed several times trying to export image prop plants as IFC files :(

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yes, I have (still have) the same issue with SP4 2023 right now.

Thing is: i have a custom ifc-mapping (class based via data-manager) so there might be some complex order of dataflow going on (wrong settings for the PIO plant?)...
I somehow got the plant export working when reactivating the standard ifc4 settings, but unfortunately no solution for me.

So I am really interested in ifc settings for LA and Plant.

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