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Duplicate Entries on Door Schedule


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To elaborate on the Sandman's cryptic response:

Doors are listed twice on the schedule because they exist twice on your drawing. Or more precisely, because a door record exists more than once. (It's not unheard of to have a door record attached to a line or some other object!) Please understand that VW's schedules are listing exactly what exists in the file.

I know you've posted re this issue other times. VW's worksheet function is not exactly the most intuitive feature (it seems it may improve somewhat with v12), but it is very powerful. We use it on virtually every drawing we produce. Keep working at it. Be sure you've read through the manual sections related to worksheets. You might also want to consider the Archoncad manual(s) for some additional training.

BTW, did you ever get your sorting issue "sorted" out?

Good luck,

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Thanks for all of your replies. I did hunt down the extra doors using the methods listed in the other strands. The sorting is still a mystery but the addition of the 0 before the single digit numbers solved most of the problems. I still have a couple of doors I can't find and so I just drew an opaque rectangle over those two entries. Is there anyway to add comments individually to these entries? Thanks again. Dean

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You add comments directly on the door record. You'll find that when you select a door, then click the Data tab on the Object Info Pallet. Scroll (if necessary) the upper section to see that Door Record is checked. The lower portion shows the various data fields, one of which will be labeled Notes. . .if I remember correctly. Then you'll just need to make a column for Notes in your schedule worksheet.

The doors you can't find are probably NOT doors, but rather some other object that has the Door Record turned on. You'll solve your schedule problem by finding the offending object, clicking on the Data tab and "un"clicking the Door Record. That line on the schedule will then go away.


Near the top of the worksheet?next to the pull-down menu arrow?there are three small icons. One is labeled SUM; the other two are sort icons (sorting up and sorting down). Drag one or the other to the database header of the column you want to sort by. Voila, the database rows are sorted. You can even use more than one.

Good luck,

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FYI - This task is made easier with VW 12.

When duplicates or other non-door objects are reported in the worksheet, you can simply right click on the strange row and select "Select Object". This will go and find the object (even if it's in a wall), select the object and center it on the screen.

It's one of my personal favorites!

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