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WinDoor & Schedule?

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Folks, I'm just tipping my toes into WinDoor. Looking for some guidance getting them to show on my schedule?

Current worksheet scans for is it a door, and is it "on schedule". 

Sadly, we cant mix and match and and or on a worksheet criteria, but I did see WinDoor as a type so I'll assume I could replace _all_ my doors with WinDoors, but... 


Has anyone made a schedule that shows both types?

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You can mix and match AND/OR, but only on a minimal basis.


Criteria of the same type (for example Type is Door, Type is WinDoor) are OR'd together. 

Criteria of different types (for example Type is Door, Layer is Design Layer-1) and AND'd together.


So if you use Type is Door, Type is WinDoor,  Door.OnSchedule, WinDoor.OnSchedule (I don't know if that last one is real or not) you would get all the Door and WinDoor objects.


You then probably have to use IF statements on each column to return the correct results for the object in the subrow being a Door or a WinDoor.



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There are some standard Windoor schedule templates that should ship with vw that list both doors and windows. They are shown in the OzCad vids. I haven’t had the need to use them so can’t comment on their usefulness.

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