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Delete the Hyperlink Tool



I think the Hyperlink tool should be deleted, and instead the hyperlinks just added via the text objects themselves. 


I don't use this tool often, but it seems unnecessarily complicated to have to control the text attributes via a symbol.


This would create one fewer tool in Vectorworks, and keep the same functionality, whilst simplifying the way attributes are controlled keeping it inline with all other text in Vectorworks. Text styles would still be able to be used to control large amounts of attributes across a whole file for those who need this functionality. 

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What’s good about the Hyperlink tool is that you can link to views and all sorts of other stuff which makes it handy if you are using VectorWorks to present your work.


I agree though that the ability to add a hyperlink in the text tool would be a huge improvement. Maybe then the hyperlink tool could be renamed as maybe “Link to” or some suchlike.

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@markdd I didn't know about that - could that not be incorporated into the text tool too?


Personally I think it would be great to reduce the amount of different tools in Vectorworks, hence wanting to get rid of the tool all together, i'm sure the functionality can be rolled into other tools and this seems like an easy one.

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I'd throw in there that it would be really helpful to be able to hyperlink text in the worksheets (maybe I'm missing something). I use worksheets for outline specs. Its really helpful for clients and subs to be able to click on a link in a pdf. right now I have to add icons in the annotations of a viewport of the spreadsheet then makes those links. Edit the specs, and one has to move the icons in the annotations. It's a PIA. Anyone have another idea how to do this? 

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