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Conflicting plant view in 3D design layer vs sheet layer

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It is so strange that 3D view of designed planting plan is not showing properly in design layer. However, the elevation of the same design layer shows the plants 3D in sheet layer. Any idea why is this happening? Why in design layer suddely all plants' 3D view has turned into rectangles and not showing plant's image  prop properly..

Thanks for helpingPlant plan.vwx


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I think the problem comes from the version of the file, when I open it on VW 2022 there is a problem, all layers do not follow the 3D view.
But there is an option in the "document preferences" to enable "unified view".  This is an obsolete option that no longer exists on VW 2022.
Which version do you have?  If you have VW 2019, you have to activate "Unified view" in the "views" menu


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