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General Notes Format


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I too wonder why we have not got a text editor. Islandmon mentioned this. Having to zoom in and out all the time whilst editing notes is tediom to the extreme. If we were able to have the whole drawing on screen, click on a note, which launches a text editor panel, would seem to be essential. I don't see this mentioned in the v12 upgrade. Why not? When is it coming? Surely not v20. I might be dead by then. Or am I missing something?

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Please see: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=16;t=001703


I place my General Notes directly on the Sheet layer. . .they are, after all, General notes. Virtually all other notes are handled as Callouts which are placed in Annotations. See above reference.

I second HEARTILY the request that General Notes have the ability to run in multiple columns. Our General Notes typically take up two full Sheet Layers and whatever revisions are required for the specific project then require layout editing. I suppose we could be doing General Notes in a wordprocessor and then placing a PDf. Hmm. . .will have to think about that while we're waiting for Armstrong's v20.

Good luck all,

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I have tried just that, but after placing callouts as Viewport annotations I don't see the Notes anywhere. After I exit the annotations I find the notes are on top of the Sheet Layer separate from the annotations mode or area. Is this normal? I think it's weird. There is no way to put them both together.

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Please note that the Callout tool can either place "local" notes (which stay in the viewport) or can place references to a list of notes: a true call-out. I suspect the thinking was that all call-outs on a Sheet would be numbered and tracked to a single list of notes. . .thus they have to reside outside any one viewport.


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I've been following this discussion and was wondering how you add numbers to the general notes after they have been split into two or more columns. Each column automatically starts renumbering with "1" after you delete the unused notes. Do you need to just use the text tools for each additional column?

Any insight is appreciated.


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