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moving doors in walls precisely


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I'm having trouble moving a door in a wall with precision. If I use the move command (apple-m), the whole wall moves, even though I selected the door. I tried the position option, but that's clunky/confusing because it's based on the begining of the wall.

Is there any quick and precise way to move wall-inserted symbols?

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If you have the door selected, you should be able to grab the door at the door jamb (within the wall) with the resizing arrow (the double arrow). You should then be able to enter a precise distance in the length box (L) next to the X & Y coordinates at the top. Make sure you grab the "door symbol" by the jamb and not the actual door or else it will usually remove the door from the wall.

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Just put a locus or line where you want the edge of the door jamb to be and then drag the door using the "2d selection tool" and grabbing the edge of the door jamb as machuofm described. Make sure you have the "wall insertion mode" unselected or you might find you drag the door "out" of the wall.


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Diana. That clunky/confusion sums it. I find that no matter what the wall thickness is and (say) the door setout from a corner wall it will give an offset of 450. +1/2 the wall thickness will put the door on the inside corner. +### will provide the offset dim needed of the door from the inside wall.

Works the same with a straight wall. No need for +1/2 wall thickness.

I prefer using Offset Symbol Insertion Mode from the begining.

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You can adjust the precise location of a door or window in a wall through the Object Info Pallette.

Select the door or window in the wall and then click on the Position button on the OIP. Select the wall handle point you want to setout from and enter the required dimension. For plug-in doors and windows the dimension will be to the insertion point (centre) of the object.

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Thanks for responses, but...

- 2D reshape tool did nothing to move the door

- Entering a number in Length box did nothing to move the door

- locus is manual, so is dimensioning for position

- the position button OIP does not work the way it should. Instead of treating position as relative, it treats it as absoulte. Pointless on a long wall with multiple doors.

Can't the door simply be moved 3" without any special tricks, like everything else in the program?

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