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Landscape Area to Modify Site Model

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From VW Help:


"When a landscape area with components is set to modify a site model, the components below the designated datum component modify the proposed site model and affect the cut and fill calculations. However, the site model contours display across the top of the landscape area normally, indicating the final surface as specified by the datum"


Where can you set the landscape area with components to modify the site model?  I can't find this anywhere.



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Hi Tom


Thanks for the reply, I've checked and it doesn't seem to be working for me.  In fact strangely I have a landscape area style where I can see one instance is changing the DTM and another one isn't.  All of the settings for the 3D display are by style, so I'm stumped as to what is causing the different behaviour.  The ones that are altering the site model aren't on the Site-DTM-Modifier class, so don't think it's that.



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Can you post those two LAs? Without DTM is OK.


Some other things to check:

  • Both LAs assigned to same Proposed/Exist site model status?
  • Component Datum options same in the two LAs? Note that in the OIP> Landscape Area Settings>Component list>Datum column, the datum icon can be dragged up/down to any component row.  This position controls which component affects the height of the LA relative to the DTM surface.  If the component datum is placed at bottom component row, and the overall datum Top/Bottom condition (buttons near top of component dialog) is set to Bottom, then the entire LA will manifest above the DTM and will not "cut"the DTM at all.  See next post.


Uh, oh! Experimenting with the Component Datum assignment and find that above is true if LA is on same layer as DTM.  But if LA is on different layer, the LA seems to move negative z values from surface eg cuts deeper, no components are above the DTM surface. Experiment continues.



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more experiments
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OK, thinking about the contours.  The LA is intended to represent a surface area rather than a volume, a way to show boundary of something on the surface, even if it has volume via sub grade components. So any "cut" made by the LA is not part of Cut/Fill.


I think to represent an excavation (and associated contour mods) with refill as Landscape Area components, one technique (a

mong others) is to make a 3d poly in same outline and put it in the DTM Site Modifier class, Send to Surface, Lower by thickness of the LA via 3d Move, add a surrounding Grade Limits.  This process provides a cut and associated contour mods. And, the LA can fit in the cut.


Can others verify this?


Placing the LA on layer other than the DTM causes the LA Datum settings to respond differently.  The LA never is higher than surface. Shallowest position is at surface. Deepest "cut" is at total components depth, but it does not alter the DTM contours.





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@Tom W. Right - I edited that post and add comments my next post.  It's a bit of a dilemma - specify the components, they affect the Cut/Fill (Remember to Update the Cut/Fill Calcs in OIP !!!), but the contours do not reconfigure to show LA as separate subgrade unit.


LA doesn't alter the surface shape. Should it also act as an excavation?


 LA is not listed as a Site Modifier object, but if placed on DTM modifying layer, an LA does display on the DTM and affect the Cut/Fill.  It sort of acts like a Site Mod.


Is that "out of layer experience" just a coincidence? An intended feature? A bug? Note that LA on separate layer moves only below the DTM surface when the component Datum is altered, as if the DTM normal is reversed.



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