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accessing photos used in textures


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When necessary you can export the image via VW then import it into your photo editor and have at it. Then use Resource Browser to create a new texture resource based on the latest and greatest. This also helps to build a library of weird image stuff over time.

Once I scanned in a little piece of EPS foam and then morphed that image via Photoshop filters into all manner of kool & functional textures. Goto www.vectordepot.com to find some.

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Thanks EJ,

That is exactly what I want to do but I can't find where Vectorworks keeps its original photos that it's textures come from. I thought of exporting something I've made but I'm not sure how to scale it. I have many photos that I can use for textures, but many times I get lines from the repeating patterns as my photos are from life and not the same on both sides.--Diana

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