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MacOS compatibility vw2015

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I see the vow compatibility chart shows vw2015 is not compatible with MacOS High Sierra.  Is there any way to know the amount of incompatibility ?   That is ….. what won’t work?     Will it boot up ?    Will it run correctly except some feature or tool won’t work ?    If someone could tell me if it “mostly works” that would be useful.    

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Incompatible means just that. They are incompatible and there are issues.


Some of the issues are probably with screens displaying properly. Some are much more serious and will result in program hangs or data loss.


In my Not So Humble Opinion you don't want to risk it if you are using this for work. To get a used license of something that is compatible is probably less than $1000.  How many hours of work would you have to lose, how many hours of being slowed down would you have to suffer before trying to use incompatible software cost you more than getting an upgrade.


My $0.02.  Not speaking for VW. Not speaking as a volunteer moderator on the forum. My personal opinion only.

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thanks for the insight, Pat.   I am retired and only use VW for charity projects, and I can see into the future that I will have to buy a newer computer for internet compatibility.   (Right now it looks like I can't file my income taxes electronically because I don't meet the IRS system and browser requirements.)   When I buy it, then my VW 2015 will no longer run on the new one.   So .... the comment you made about buying a used version of VW might be useful to me in the future.   Again ... thanks  .....

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If you are happy with the capabilities of VW2015, then consider setting up a "virtual machine" inside your new computer. it will effectively run the old version of the operating system that is compatible with VW2015.


Parallels and VMWare Fusion are commercial versions.  Virtualbox is open source, but may not be ported to Apple Silicon.


One of these is probably the best option if you need to keep older software running on newer hardware.



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